No matter whether a carpet is striking or subtle, it creates atmosphere and makes every room appear cozier. A carpet can change the complete mood in a room.

Does the carpet match the rest of the interior?

A carpet should support and/or complement the room and fit harmoniously with the environment. There are carpets for every style: classic, elegant, vintage, retro, modern. Find out in my other blogpost what to look out for. 

With the Kelim carpet, the floor becomes a work of art. In addition to unbeatable comfort, it convinces with its trendy vintage style and various color nuances, which give it its stylish and exciting look.

A good idea is to include the color of the environment on the carpet.

The carpet should stand out a little from the surroundings. In the living room, a few shades lighter or darker than the sofa are therefore recommended.

If the sofa is simple, a colorful or patterned carpet can be a real eye-catcher. To further increase the effect, additional color accents can be set with suitable pillows

If the sofa is already patterned, we recommend you choose a rather plain, single-colored carpet.

Bright colors and single-colored carpets make the room appear larger.

Darker nuances and small patterns, on the other hand, press on the space and visually reduce it. However, these are less sensitive to dirt and therefore ideal for the entrance and dining area.

Please also note the shapes, because too many different shapes/patterns often look restless very quickly. Especially when having a traditional Persian carpet. The design can be overwhelming when you also have a lot of other intense and bright objects in the room. In the end, this comes down to your personal taste. 

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Match the size of the carpet depending on the proportion of the seating group, the piece of furniture or the room and note the following points:

Do not choose a carpet that is too large, otherwise, it will be too dominant in the room.

In the case of a single sofa, either place a small carpet in the middle or place a large one, 5-10 cm apart on the left and right.

For a table with chairs, the carpet should be large enough that the dining table and chairs can stand on it.

A carpet with a intense design is suitable to be laid out centrally in the room without furniture – so it works as a work of art in its own right.

Harmony is created in dining areas by selecting the carpet so that the entire seating area can stand on it.

Long-pile carpets look warmer, cozy, cozy, romantic and are suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

Short-pile carpets, on the other hand, look cooler, more modern and are easier to care for. They are suitable, for example, in dining rooms.

Coarser carpets, for example, made of jute or sisal, appear more casual.

Woven natural fibers, such as wool/cotton, look classy and feel good to your feet.

Short and hard fibers last longer.

Carpets made of braided plastic bands or made of vinyl are perfect for balconies or patios because they are weatherproof.

Natural wool carpets create the perfect feel-good atmosphere for gray autumn days.

Preserve individuality
In general, every carpet is a matter of taste. The selection should be made dependent on various factors: In addition to functionality, the carpet should be suitable for the requirements and lifestyle, but above all, please the owner! 

Photos: Felix van den Belt

Felix van den Belt

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