Splendor from the Steppes
Daniel Miller describes himself on Facebook as a photographer, writer, rangeland ecologist, and cowboy. In the Facebook group called ‘Ethnic Textiles Community,’ Daniel posted an article called ‘Splendor from the Steppes.’ I interviewed him.

Daniel: ‘What initially interested me in rugs and textiles over forty years ago were Tibetan rugs. In the beginning, I had little knowledge of them, but living and working with Tibetan refugees in Nepal who made rugs I became interested in Tibetan weaving, textiles, and rug-making traditions. I started collecting old Tibetan rugs and textiles and gradually learned more about them. My collection also grew.’

Daniel Miller - ByvandenBelt
AUSPICIOUS CARPETS Tibetan Rugs and Textiles

The Grasslands
Grasslands Forty-five years ago, Daniel traveled to Nepal as an American Peace Corps Volunteer where he lived with Tibetan-speaking yak herders. Raised on a dairy farm in the United States, he easily connected with the people in the grasslands of Nepal, Bhutan, the Tibetan areas of China, and Mongolia. He studied rangeland ecology in graduate school at the University of Montana in the United States and began working with nomads. Daniel was very fortunate to be able to live and work with nomads and became more and more interested in textiles and weaving traditions.

Tibetan carpets Daniel states: Living in Kathmandu Nepal in the mid-1980s and early 1990s, provided me the opportunity to learn more about Tibetan rugs and I began collecting them. I also started to write about Tibetan textiles and rugs. Some years ago, I self-published a book about Tibetan carpets titled, “Auspicious Carpets: Tibetan Rugs and Textiles that are available on www.blurb.com (all the pages of the book can be viewed on-line).

Photos: Daniel Miller

Felix van den Belt

Felix van den Belt

Give Felix an assignment about carpets and he will go for it. He listens and asks questions. What is the history and what makes certain rugs unique? What can be said about social life around the carpets? Felix's passion for carpets prompts him to discover these questions like no other.