ByvandenBelt - Magdalena Sophie OrlandInterviewsTextile stories
23 August 2020

Craftsmanship on Instagram – The story of Magdalena Sophie from Germany

Craftsmanship on Instagram - The story of Magdalena Sophie from Germany.
ByvandenBelt - Mohammed Elias AmiriCarpetsInterviews
31 July 2020

A 10-year-old textile dealer in Kabul and his first deal: the story of Mohammed Elias Amiri

A 10-year-old carpet dealer in Kabul. The story of Mohammad Elias Amiri.
Daniel Miller - ByvandenBeltCarpetsInterviews
29 July 2020

Splendor from the Steppes – Daniel Miller

It all fits together very well. The colorful pieces, alive and surrounded by the animals, grasslands, and way of life of Tibetan nomads.
ByvandenBelt - The online carpet communityInterviews
10 July 2020

Salar Khani Rug – A story by Ali Nejatbakhsh Azadani

Ali Nejatbakhsh Azadani and his beloved Salar Khani rug.
Khanke Carpet Community - ByvandenBeltInterviews
17 June 2020

Displaced women make carpets in Northern Iraq – Khanke carpet community

A carpet from the Khanke community represents a life trajectory of real-life threatening experiences and emotions, while it simultaneously represents a brighter future for these people.
ByvandenBelt kelimsInterviews
24 May 2020

Passion of a Carpet Collector – Kenan Can

The older pieces are made with no rush of time, materials, or efficiency. They are special because they resemble life itself.
Ali Anvari carpetInterviews
1 May 2020

Ali Anvari on Persian Carpets

Ali Anvari on Persian Carpets: ‘’I only bring color on the top of the carpet, actually. I don’t do too much. The main power is at the backside . When…
carpet of kashmir21671Interviews
26 April 2020

Carpets of Kashmir – Carpets in India

By combining the carpet art of Kashmir, and the knowledge of textile the beginnings of Carpets of Kashmir were started.
24 April 2020

Zollanvari’s philosophy

Read about the award-winning Zollanvari carpet family here. Their philosophy on carpet making and the connection with nomadic people is fascinating.
ByvandenBelt 322323
21 April 2020

Designs of Iranian carpets uncovered by Marzieh Yazdkhasti

Various designs of Iranian carpets uncovered by Marzieh Yazdkhasti. Read more about that here.
alireza afkar oU1HpLhnm0 unsplash
19 April 2020

An adventure in the desert by Forough Taki, Iran

Meymand is like nowhere else, fabulously unique! The surprising point is that these cave houses are in a valley that is only 250km away from Shadad Kalut, another wonder of…
19 April 2020

An impression of village life by Saeed Akbary, Iran

They behaved according to what they explained in these books. Therefore, they were warm and helpful to deal with other people's problems.